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Feasibility study

Learn about the existing opportunities in accordance with the conditions and location of your future aquafarm. 

The feasibility study allows you to:

  • Define the right location for your future aquafarm
  • Choose the relevant technology in accordance with the selected hydrobiont species and the original technology project
  • Reduce the investment risk and the risk of losing money
Fish farm

Concept development

Development of a technology project

With the help of the technology project you will get detailed concept of your aquafarm. Based on the feasibility study we develop all elements for the technology as well as for the sequence of the technological processes. 

The technology project is suitable for:

  • New aquafarms
  • During application for different programs

Optimization of the processes

Optimization of the technological processes to ensure sustainability

In accordance with the Green Deal the existing aquafarms have been urged to turn into sustainable ones. We can also turn your aquafarm into a sustainable one after we carry out an analysis and evaluation.


Launch of built systems

Operations during aquafarming production launch

Launch of built systems. The set-up and launch of recirculation, aquaponic and biofloc systems is of utmost importance and their success depends on this. успеха им.


Training that suits your needs

Training the staff to operate the specific equipment

If necessary, full training of the staff can be conducted on how to operate the specific technological equipment. There will be a schedule for the training so that daily operations are not disrupted.


Sustainability of fish feed in aquaculture

Recipes for sustainable fish feed

Specialized recipes for sustainable fish feed can be developed according to the individual assignment. Based on the extensive experience in fish nutrition, preliminary testing and evaluation of the feed qualities can be organized. 

Fish feed
Fish feed

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